Ultimate Guide To Finding Remote Accounting Jobs (2019)

TL;DR — I built a job board featuring the best remote accounting jobs (based in the US).

Life is too short to spend your career stuck in a cubicle at a boring accounting job.

When I was in search of more freedom and flexibility in my accounting career, working in a cubicle was getting in the way of that.

Reading The 4-Hour Workweek opened my eyes to the possibility of working remotely, traveling, and living my ideal lifestyle.

And ever since I was able to achieve my ideal #ACCOUNTANTLIFE, I've been advocating for accountants to break the shackles of their office jobs and gain more freedom by working remotely.

Can Accountants Work Remotely?

The traditional accounting profession is coming into the digital age and more and more opportunities are becoming available to work remotely and ditch the 9-5.

While I was working remotely from Thailand, I had the pleasure of chatting with YouTuber, Chris the Freelancer.

We talked about how accountants can work remotely and become location independent.


Through all the years of frustration, research, and energy sorting through all the junk out there that I’ve personally endured, I put together this Ultimate Guide to help you find remote accounting jobs, faster.

So you can finally ditch the boring cubicle job, join me in the remote working revolution, and enjoy living your best life.

Here are the best ways to find remote accounting jobs in 2019:

The Remote Accounting Jobs Board

My latest project has been building a niche job board, RemoteAccountingJobs.com, exclusively for the best remote accounting jobs.

Here’s a very quick video below, where I give you a basic overview of what the job board looks like. (Update: I’ve since updated the domain name and other visual elements in case you notice it looks a bit different.)


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200+ Remote-friendly Companies Hiring for Accounting & Finance in 2019

If you can't find your perfect remote accounting job on our job board, I've compiled a database of 200+ remote-friendly companies hiring in accounting and finance jobs - saving you hours of time and energy. And yes, as you can imagine, it's taken me countless hours to compile this list and maintain it.

The Remote-friendly Companies Hiring For Remote Accounting Jobs database includes the best websites (without the scams) I could find for each of the following categories:

  • Accounting, Bookkeeping, & Tax Firms: It's hard to tell which accounting and tax firms are remote or offer work from home opportunities. I've searched all over to find the firms known to be fully remote or offer partial remote opportunities.

  • Remote Employers of accountants: If you don't want to work at a remote accounting or tax firm, this list is for you. These include startups, established remote companies and consulting firms. While these companies will likely have less accountants on staff compared to accounting firms, these are companies that have exciting growth potential in different industries.

  • Freelance platforms: For accountants who want work to come to them, work a side hustle, etc.

Where to find remote accounting jobs if you live outside the United States?

Given that I live in the U.S., my primary focus is on researching and curating remote accounting jobs here.The U.S. also is the main place for remote-friendly companies based on my research.

However, I’m occasionally asked “Are there any remote accounting jobs in [X country]?”

Here’s the thing, if you live outside the U.S., you’re not going to have many options when it comes to finding remote work unless you want to resort to an online freelance marketplace.

Besides the U.S., the top countries that I’ve seen have some remote accounting jobs in the past are:

I’ve noticed this is highly dependent on where “cloud” accounting software like QuickBooks Online and Xero are most widely adopted. The rest of the world is slower to adopt cloud based accounting software, therefore, remote jobs are going to be slower to pop up in those countries.

If you live outside North America, your best bet for finding a remote accounting jobs is simply Googling “Your Country + Remote Accounting Jobs” and seeing what pops up in the search.

Search the Remote Accounting & Tax Jobs Directory

Now that you know where to find remote accounting jobs, it’s better to filter your job search by the relevant categories. If you’re a Controller, you probably won’t be looking for Senior Accountant jobs, so make it easy for yourself and search by category:

🗂 Remote Jobs by Main Category

⌨️ Remote Jobs by Popular Role

💾 Remote Jobs by Top Technology

💼 Remote Jobs by Job Type

🔎 Remote Jobs by Popular Search

Other Job Boards with Remote-friendly Accounting & Finance Jobs

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you now have some good places to start when searching for your remote accounting job.

I hope I’ve made it a whole lot easier for you to FIND the best remote accounting jobs from around the world, but LANDING them is a whole ‘nother story.

Best of luck with your job hunt!

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Originally published Nov 1, 2016, last updated September 2019.

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