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Hey there, I’m Jeff.

I’m a recovering '9-to-5-cubicle-dwelling' accountant, indie maker, and new father.

Throughout my decade long accounting career, I’ve been reading and following the intersection of accounting, technology, and creating a better work/life balance. As a result, I’m building RemoteAccountingJobs.com, a job board featuring the best remote accounting jobs in the US.

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Helping tech-savvy bookkeepers, accountants, financial analysts, CPAs, Controllers, CFOs and tax pros find flexible & remote accounting jobs at great companies.


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I love building things. My current and past projects:

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These books have had a massive impact on my accounting career and life:

It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work
By Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson



I’m always open to exploring new opportunities. If you’re interested in connecting or would like to get in touch, the easiest way to reach me is on Twitter @JeffMadduxCPA.


Love from the community


"Our firm has hired two people through AccountantList. Really thankful we found you!"

Jason Blumer, CPA, Owner @ Blumer CPAs


"[Jeff] understands that our industry is in a new and exciting time and have paired us up with incredible talent this year. We’ve hired two people and they’ve been perfect fits! AccountantList appeals to the candidates that we are looking for and we couldn’t be happier with the the potential employees who we’ve been connected to."

Joe Carufe, Director @ System Six


"You have become my top to-go resource. I can't believe I didn't find you sooner! I love the inspiration you provide. Seems we are many in the industry who aspire to get out from behind the desk, the 9-5, a better lifestyle, OR who just feel that we can contribute value to a much greater extent by exploring other options - like going out on our own! Your content/resources help lay out the possibilities - so thank you!"

Rosy Conde


"After working in the traditional corporate world since college, I'm happy to be among fellow 'accountepreneurs'. While I'm new to this community, I love hearing others' similar stories as we start and scale our businesses."

Mayur Vyas, CPA, Startup CFO


"I found the perfect job for me by being a member of the Lifestyle Accountant community. It's great to collaborate with other modern day accountants who are embracing technology and creating a life on their own terms."

Sarah Bowden


"I have really enjoyed being one of the first members of this amazing community of accountants. Have enjoyed reading the posts and questions, getting to know my peers and realizing we all share the same spirit, similar values, and face the same struggles. The job section offers up one of best resources for finding remote or virtual accounting positions with real companies offering real jobs and are leaders in revolutionizing our industry. It really is the first site devoted to accountants that embrace the new technologies and dare to color outside the lines."

Debbie Lollar, CPA, Controller


"I’m fairly new to this community, however, I have benefited from it greatly so far. There is something inspiring about being among like-minded individuals. I thought my idea of being a “not your typical” accountant was abstract and crazy but I realize now that it isn’t and it actually the future of accounting. I love hearing others stories and seeing others success...it encourages me to continue on this right path for my career as an accountant. Such an amazing community!"

Erika Munson


"Information about working flexibly or remotely is plentiful - if you're a developer. If you're an accountant or CPA there are very few resources and it can be a nightmare to sort genuine career opportunities from scams. Fortunately, Jeff had already trodden that path, figured out what works and was ready to share quality information. Now with this community he's enabled a place where you can meet other accountants with the same goals and objectives, which is like gold dust."

Neil Meyrick


"I’m a current corporate controller that used to own my own accounting consulting business and am looking to get back into the independent lifestyle and am starting the steps to do so. I use the posts in this community for insight on other peoples success or struggles currently and getting tips on restarting my own independence and will also share my experiences if I can help someone else. Thank you for putting this together."

Traci Marshall, Controller


“I found out about the Lifestyle Accountant community through a friend and it really was a godsend. First of all, it was great to find a tribe that I had so many things in common with. On top of that, it turned out to be a GREAT place to find a business partner. I know it sounds dramatic to say that something as simple as joining an online community like this can be life changing... but my life has certainly changed for the better since joining Lifestyle Accountant.”

Jeremiah Kovacs, Amazon Accounting Specialist


"Jeff's Lifestyle Accountant website provided inspiration and insight as I thought about how to truly achieve my lifestyle goals in the accounting profession. The Lifestyle Accountant community takes the next step in helping to realize these goals more efficiently. It is a great resource for discussing and collaborating with people pursuing similar paths. You can save a lot of time and effort by connecting and learning from other people. I'm looking forward to seeing this community grow!"

Michael Mellow, CPA


"I believe you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. This community is the perfect way to find like-minded people who are changing the status-quo in accounting. After 4+ years working remotely, I can attest to the fact that it has lots of challenges that are different from traditional 9-5 work. Knowing where to find support when it gets tough is crucial. Thank you, Jeff, for having the vision to put together this community. We will all rise together!"

Megan Lewczyk, CPA, Location Independent Entrepreneur


“I am thrilled to have found this group. The resources and ideas are so inspiring. I have dreamed of being able to work independently from home for awhile now but always thought it wasn’t reasonable and employers in my area are not that progressive. Finding this group has inspired me to look further and research more to find opportunities if not make one myself. Thank you Jeff for all of your hard work in bringing us together and providing us with your experience.”

Maggie MacD