The Ultimate Guide To Finding Remote Accounting Jobs

Last updated: December 2017

Life is too short to spend your career stuck wasting away at a boring accounting job. Trust me, I've been there a few times.

While I was in search of more autonomy and a better lifestyle, working in a cubicle was getting in the way of that. That all changed when I created a master plan to leave my accounting job and got the opportunity to become the first American partner at Accodex. Finally, I could be the location independent accountant I dreamed about being, working 100% online from anywhere in the world.

Ever since I was able to achieve my ideal lifestyle, I've been advocating for other accountants to break the shackles of their accounting jobs and gain more freedom. I even shared my story on the Abacus podcast, how I was able to ditch the 9-5 and travel the world, all while being able to work remotely. I was lucky to make my escape, however, other accountants are frustrated with their jobs and even leaving the accounting profession altogether.

For the past year, I've been building the tools to deliver more remote accounting jobs to accountants.

My latest project has been building a niche job board exclusively for remote accounting jobs.


With the Remote Accounting Jobs board you can easily search for remote accounting jobs and not even have to bother with entering a location.

But if you can't find your perfect remote accounting job on our job board, I've compiled a database of best sites to find even more remote accounting jobs -- saving you hours of time and energy.

Below, are all of the best websites I could find for each of the following categories:

  • Accounting & Tax Firms (100% and Partial Remote)
  • Remote Job Boards for accountants
  • Remote Employers of accountants
  • Freelance Opportunities for remote accountants
  • Accounting Recruiters of remote accountants

Please note: your experience browsing this list will look a lot better if you're not on mobile.

Accounting & Tax Firms (100% and Partial Remote)

It's hard to tell which accounting and tax firms are remote or offer work from home opportunities. I've searched all over to find the firms known to be fully remote or offer partial remote opportunities.


Remote Job Boards For Accountants

All job boards are not created equal - especially for accountants. I've done the hard part of finding the relevant job boards offering remote positions. Many of these job boards don't have a dedicated 'Accounting' section so where I could, I've identified the appropriate job category.


Remote Employers of Accountants

If you don't want to work at a remote accounting or tax firm, this list is for you. These include startups, established remote companies and consulting firms. While these companies will likely have less accountants on staff compared to accounting firms, these are companies that have exciting growth potential in different industries. 


Freelance Opportunities For Remote Accountants

If you are a more established accountant or possess the CPA, you'll be more in demand and can have your pick of opportunities. These companies hiring freelance accountants will allow you to pick the projects that appeal to you most.


Accounting Recruiters of Remote Accountants


A solution if leaving your current job isn't an option right now

Let's say for a minute, you can't leave your current accounting job right now. You could be:

  • in the middle of pursuing your CPA license
  • are not financially ready to hop jobs
  • in love with your job, in which case...

You can try and work with your current employer to create a more flexible schedule that may include working remotely at least part-time. In this situation, I highly recommend downloading The Ultimate Flex Toolbox for CPAs [or accountants]. FlexCPAs created some great free resources like the Formal Flex Proposal Template, a How-To-Guide On Locating A Flex Job, the Flex Interview Q&A To Expect and more here.

The Bottom Line

This is an exciting time to be alive in the accounting profession but here's still a long way to go so all accountants can achieve their ideal lifestyle. Together, we can start creating new possibilities and let our employers know we want the option to work remotely or we're leaving them in the dust for better opportunities.

If you are somebody that’s interested in investing in your career and network right now, be sure to check out the Lifestyle Accountants Community. Join remote workers, freelancers, side-hustlers, entrepreneurs, and:

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