What is Jeff Maddux Doing Right Now?

💻 Work

  • I'm currently working one week a month in an office (at a previous employer) to pay the bills performing cost accounting duties. Even though I'm a big advocate of remote accounting jobs, one thing I've struggled with in the past while working remotely is the isolation. I can work in solitude for the most part but I require interaction with others in real life. I have a short walk to work and because it's not full time, it's an ideal situation for me. I guess you can say with my remote projects and my location dependent job, I'm 75% remote.
  • I'm not currently servicing or taking on individual or business accounting clients, but may be open to it later on. I'm more focused on making my own stuff (see my projects below).

🚧 Projects

To see the projects I'm building in public check out my Work in Progress profile:

✈️ Travel

  • I'm currently living in my home city of Sacramento, California.
  • In 2018, I only have a few domestic trips planned within the US. No international trips planned as of yet. Mostly satisfied with spending time at home, going on walks, and exploring my own city.
  • For my upcoming travels, check out nomadlist.com/@jeffmadduxcpa.
  • If you happen to be in my neck of the woods and want to meetup, shoot me a message in the Lifestyle Accountants community.

📦 Other Stuff

  • In an effort to simplify my life, I stopped posting on social media. I deleted Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and deactivated other social media accounts I wasn't actively using. I'd rather have more meaningful conversations with those who want to be part of what I'm building.
  • I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, however, I do think along the lines of having themes. For 2018, my overall theme is DO LESS. This means less travel, less social media, less projects, and MORE FOCUS on the things that matter.

Last updated on June 5, 2018