The Power of Twitter For Accountants

 From left to right - Chris Hooper, Andrew Argue, and Me, Jeff Maddux

From left to right - Chris Hooper, Andrew Argue, and Me, Jeff Maddux

I recently met up with Chris Hooper, CEO at Accodex Partners and Andrew Argue (formerly of The Bean Counter website) in San Francisco, California - and it wouldn't have happened without being on Twitter.

One of my goals for 2015 was to "connect with other bloggers/accountants/readers". I'm glad that I was able to make that happen not only online, but in-person

Andrew coming from his location independent lifestyle in Costa Rica and Chris from halfway across the world in Adelaide, South Australia. What can I say, it was only a two hour Megabus ride for me into SF from Sacramento, CA. 

So how did 3 accountants from all corners of the world end up in the same spot?


It started with a tweet and than that sparked some conversations among some like-minded accountants: 


I had been a huge fan of Andrew's because he was really the first accountant that I had come across that had built a mini-empire with his website, podcast, and  courses on The Bean Counter. If you are an accountant trying to improve your accounting career then he is an extremely valuable resource. 

And Chris. This guy is insanely passionate about the future of accounting. He is going to make huge waves in accounting and is an up and coming global accounting leader. And he's a badass too. I've never met someone that eats, breaths, and sleeps (barely) accounting at his level. What some accountants have spent a lifetime to build, Chris has already outpaced them at the age of 28. And he's not stopping there. You'll want to keep an eye on what Chris has planned because it's going to have a hugely positive impact on young accountants and the accounting profession. 

On this trip, we walked the city, hung out at the Xero San Francisco headquarters, met with some of Chris's start-up friends, and did a lot of talking about the future of the accounting profession. 

And after chatting for a few days with Chris about the future of the accounting profession, the future is bright for young accountants who want a really awesome lifestyle. 

If you are currently hating your accounting job, or the boring lifestyle that comes with it, then stay tuned because I'm going to be writing a lot more about it. It's for accountants who know they want more out of life than to dredge to a cubicle or a tiny conference room surrounded by people that don't share the same vision, and doing uninspiring, unfulfilling work.

It was only this year that I started this blog, quit my job, travelled internationally, and now have made some great connections. It all began with just starting something I felt like I had to do and it has led to some amazing opportunities so far.

The Bottom Line

Getting to hang out with two inspiring accountants was a blast and especially in my home state. I received a lot of valuable advice and insight about both life and business from Chris and Andrew. When I started this blog, I had no idea the doors it would open and the connections I could make. I was about to give up on the accounting profession, but meeting these guys gives me hope and gets me excited about what's to come. Even though our paths and experiences were all different, we've all experienced the same frustrations in within the accounting profession. Being able to connect like that and have your mind exploded multiple times by some of the eye-opening ideas left me with a sense of hope. Hope for the future of young accountants who are unhappy with their jobs.

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