Remote Accountants Q&A: Top Questions About Working Remotely As An Accountant

When I was first starting my journey to work remotely a few years ago, I had A TON of questions like "where do I even start?".

It was through a lot of research, trial and error, and figuring everything out mostly on my own.

Back then, I didn't have access to a community of other like-minded accountants already working remotely or aspiring to work remotely. So I created one!

As I continue to see the Lifestyle Accountants community grow, one thing is clear: remote work is the future of our profession.

The best thing you can do is prepare yourself for this evolution of the accounting profession, now. And what better way to connect with and learn from accountants already working remotely or going through the same challenges as yourself?

If you have questions about working remotely, you're not alone. Chances are someone else does too!

When you are first accepted into Lifestyle Accountants community, you'll be welcomed with our icebreaker question, where over 100 other members have shared their responses:

What's the biggest challenge you are currently facing?

That's just the start. We have dozens of questions already submitted by our members that can help you get started. Join our community today!

Check out our dedicated page to the top questions from the Lifestyle Accountants community about starting out going remote, working remotely, going self-employed, and remote #accountantlife: