Looking for a Remote Accounting Job? Start Here.


Remote work is all the rage these days. Getting to work anywhere in the world (well, mostly) has a lot of appeal.

Escaping the fluorescent lights and beige cubicle walls seems like the ultimate goal for many.

Here's a few resources to help fast-track your search:

How to say alerted about new job postings:

If you are looking for a remote accounting job, then you'll want to be one of the very first to know when a new job is posted:

  1. Sign up for job alerts via email at jobs.lifestyleaccountant.com. You can schedule email alerts to be delivered daily, weekly, monthly and opt-out anytime. Choose the frequency that's most ideal for you.
  2. Follow 'Remote Jobs Feed' topic directly in the Lifestyle Accountants Community here. You can adjust your notifications to get mobile and/or email alerts.
  3. Subscribe to the RSS feed for jobs to a feed reader with this feed link: https://jobs.lifestyleaccountant.com/jobs.atom. I personally use Feedly (it's free!) to keep track of all the blogs and feeds I follow.
  4. Follow Lifestyle Accountant on Twitter @LifestyleAcct where new jobs will be immediately posted.

These are the best ways to stay up-to-date on new job postings. Pick the best channel for you to stay updated.

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