Getting personal again

It's been awhile since I've posted my personal stories on the Lifestyle Accountant blog.

I've greatly missed writing about my personal journey and connecting with readers on that level.

Been focused building up a job board, that I haven't really stopped to write about the "why" behind it - but I'm going to do so starting now.

Why the change?

Recently, I've spun off the job board into its own website, Accountant List: a directory of the world's most remote-friendly accounting jobs, companies, & professionals - all in one place.

  check out the new website!

check out the new website!

Over the past several months, the job board has taken over a majority of my free time, and even though it's less than a year old, it's morphed into something much bigger than I imagined.

While such a large part of my focus is on creating a unique experience for job seekers, I know there's much of the Lifestyle Accountant audience who want to build their own accounting businesses or just achieve their ideal lifestyle, and could care less about "jobs".

That's why I'm going beyond the job board with Accountant List. I want to help even the solo accounting firm owners to gain exposure and build their businesses. Even if you have no desire to hire employees, I've set up Accountant List to be a directory of remote-friendly companies from around the world. Business owners can sign up for a free Company Profile.

What you can expect

So with the launch of Accountant List, I'm turning Lifestyle Accountant back into a personal blog where I'll share stories, insights, and tools to help you build an accounting career/business and lifestyle you'll love.

If there's one thing I've learned in the 4+ years I've been writing and interacting with my community, it's that accountants want more out of life. I've been fortunate to achieve the lifestyle I dreamed of, and I'm excited to help others do the same by sharing what I've learned along the way.

Whether you've been around since the beginning or you're a newcomer, I welcome you back and appreciate you being here. I can't wait to share more with you!

Jeff Maddux, CPA

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