Building A Freelance Platform For Accountants with Chris Hooper

“I wanted this to be a BILLION dollar company. How are you going to grow to a BILLON dollar company with your name on the front door?”

- Chris Hooper, Accodex CEO


In this episode, I'm joined by Chris Hooper. Chris went from high school dropout to becoming CEO of Accodex Partners and an influential thought leader in the accounting profession. Based out of Australia, he is changing the game for accountants around the world with his company and making it easy for freelance accountants to scale an accounting firm.

I initially met Chris through Twitter where we messaged back and forth and ultimately started video chatting. We ended up meeting in San Francisco while he was visiting the US and talked about me joining Accodex Partners.

What attracted me to join Accodex was Chris's passion for accounting, entrepreneurship, and technology. Accodex is where you can set up a lifestyle accounting business and work as little or as much as you want - from wherever you want!

He is a fascinating guy to know and I consider him a mentor as he's helped advance my career, experience, and confidence.

In this interview, I chat with Chris about the journey of his career becoming an accounting entrepreneur, and creating a platform for "angry, young accountants" to start their own firms without all the work.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • How and why Chris stumbled into his accounting career

  • The advice he got from a friend before he started his accounting studies at university

  • How he landed his first accounting job with zero experience

  • How he knew when it was time to leave public accounting

  • The major mistake he made when starting his accounting firm

  • How his first year of starting his business was basically a "non-event"

  • The lightbulb moment for rebranding as Accodex and his plans for expanding globally

  • Why he's looking for "angry, young accountants" to join Accodex

  • Why accountants need to diversify their skillset when going into business for themselves

  • And so much more!

Listen to the audio:

Memorable quotes from the episode:

"My primary objective was to learn. The second I stop learning, I'm out of here."

"There came a point when that work just became a little too routine. I was going through the motions and it wasn't challenging anymore."

"I wasn't interested in doing the work, so to speak. I wanted to talk to clients and I wanted to build a business, but I did not want to spend my time plugging numbers in spreadsheets and numbers into tax returns and that sort of thing."

"There's clearly a demand for an infrastructure services to young accountants that want to start up their own firm. That's how Accodex, as a business model evolved."

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