Going From Big 4 Accountant to Entrepreneur with Andrew Argue

“I was making no money, I had no side gig, I was earning no income. Just the fact that I took that step and made that jump, it opened my mind into something I wouldn't have been able to consider before.”

- Andrew Argue, CPA, CEO, AndrewArgue.com


In this episode, I'm joined by Andrew Argue, CPA. Andrew worked for one of the Big 4, started a successful accounting career website (and sold it) and now helps accountants become better at sales.

When I started plotting an escape from my accounting job, I listened to Andrew's podcast and really admired what he was creating. He's been a great accountant to learn from and I wanted to share more about his personal story regarding his leap from public accountant to entrepreneur.

Andrew built a successful brand with his website, The Bean Counter helping accountants find success in the accounting profession by answering their burning questions and providing helpful resources. He now helps accountants build hyper-profitable accounting firms over at AndrewArgue.com.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • The point where he decided he had to leave accounting to start his own business

  • How he came up with the idea for The Bean Counter

  • The resources he used to plan his escape from his accounting job

  • How he paid off $55K in debt in 14 months

  • The advice he has for entrepreneurial accountants

  • And so much more!

Please enjoy, and reach out to Andrew on Twitter!

Note: This interview was originally recorded in September 2015.


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Memorable quotes from the episode:

"I was thinking I could share those ideas with other people and I could talk about that until the end of time."

"Things come to people who are in motion."

"Ideas are worth absolutely NOTHING. The only thing that matters is execution."

"I worked probably about three months in a contract accounting job, and that paid for the whole rest of my year."

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