Introducing the 'Accountants Doing Cool Sh!t' Podcast

Today, I'm excited to relaunch and rebrand an interview series I started back in September 2015 as the 'Accountants Doing Cool Sh!t' podcast.

This is a podcast featuring accountants from around the world that are doing cool shit. I'm always interested in learning about how accountants ignite breakthroughs and blaze their own trails. I also want accountants such as yourself, to hear their stories so you can gain inspiration and take action for achieving your ideal lifestyle.

You can get the first three episodes and show notes here:

You can also listen to them right here in this blog post:


I hope you enjoy listening to the episodes as much as I had fun producing them. If you found them helpful, I would greatly appreciate you subscribing to be notified of future episodes and rate on iTunes.

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